Book Traps. Wow. GENIUS.

I’m really digging, there’s always interesting stuff to be found on there. And one of this week’s entries was pure genius: from a blog named “Recovergirl,” a parenting tip called Book Traps.

Here’s what you do. You lay out an enticing book or two in a spot where your children will happen upon them, and see what happens. If you have more than one child, set multiple book traps. According to Recovergirl, your child will happen upon the trap and happily sit down to read, and it works every time.

Even better? Unscheduled naps may occur.

Recovergirl has expanded the “book trap” concept to “game traps,” and will lay a game out on the floor in another room whenever she needs 10 minutes to herself. (She says she uses this time to clean her children’s room. I say, you’re a better mom than I am, Gunga Recovergirl.)

I have not actually tried this idea yet but I think it is so brilliant that I can’t wait for the boys to get home. I’m hoping it will help with those half-hour nursing sessions that are in my very near future.

If anyone else gives it a try, let me know how it works for you!