um, this isn’t so funny anymore

The world wide web is abuzz tonight with the news that Britney Spears has lost custody of her two little boys.
This is making me feel so very sad (for the kids) and so guilty, for enjoying her very public meltdowns over the last couple of years. I loved “Britney’s Top 20 Meltdowns” on VH1, or whatever it was called, as much as anyone else. And yet I sort of forgot that the forgotten lyrics, the shaved head, the panty-less outings, were all signs of something much darker:

Los Angeles Superior Court judge Scott Gordon said that according to evidence presented in closed door hearings, Spears was a “habitual, frequent, and continuous” user of “controlled substances and alcohol.”

I read this and thought, RIGHT. We all kind of lost sight of that: Britney is an alcoholic. A drug abuser. There’s even been speculation that there’s something seriously WRONG with her, mentally.

And now she can’t be with her two little boys. Which is probably the best for them. I just wonder, who is going to love them? Who will tuck them in every night? How many different nannies do you think they have had so far? And what are we going to be reading about them in 16 years or so?