cute, in a jolie-laide sort of way

Here is a picture of my adorable and beloved daughter, Maddie:

Now, like most people, you probably look at photos like these and think, hmm. Not that cute, actually, she looks like an old man, but I will ooh and aah and tell this deluded new mother how gorgeous she is.

But in this case, you don’t have to do that. I show you this picture of Maddie only to ask you, don’t you think she looks exactly like the Infant of Prague?

If I were more skilled on the internets I would Photoshop her right hand to have that gesture of benediction. But it’s still pretty good.

My favorite pictures of my children are not the cute, perfect ones– though I have plenty of those as well; our annual Christmas card photo is an item of considerable forethought and expense. My favorite pictures of my children are the awesomely ugly ones. For example, this shot of Fergus as a newborn:

I think it captures that quintessential Don Knotts/ village idiot sort of look from his cross-eyed newborn days. And while I’m, of course, thrilled he doesn’t look like this anymore, I am already looking forward to the night before his wedding, 30 years or so hence, when I will blow this shot up to poster-size for the rehearsal dinner.