you better watch out

‘Sblood, do we really have two days left until Christmas? I don’t think my kids can make it another 48 hours. They might literally explode. Their excitement is fun, I must say, but having two whirling dervishes underfoot who start their spinning each morning before 6:30 am makes for a loooong and dizzy holiday season.

The only times in the last month my kids haven’t been screaming and spinning in circles were while they were in the presence of Saint Nicholas himself. And for some reason, they’ve had almost daily sightings. They sat on his lap at Macy’s; they went to two holiday brunches where he made an appearance; they went to see holiday lights and he was there (or so I hear, this was a trip with the grandparents); and last night, on our way home, a screaming procession of police cars and fire trucks passed us, with Mr. and Mrs. Claus waving from the top of the hook-and-ladder. Each time, my boys suddenly go catatonic, and leave it to me to do the hooting and hollering. Last night, I U-turned and chased down the Santa caravan so I could scream out the window, “We have three good kids in this car, Santa! Don’t forget us!” He totally heard me, cause he waved.

So maybe they’re getting these slightly insane vibrations of excitement from their mother. I must say I live for this stuff. I am already dreading when we don’t have Santa at our house anymore, and have had a third child this year expressly for the purpose of having a believer around until at least 2013. Connor is barely five, and has already started with the questions:

–When Santa has to go somewhere at the North Pole, does he drive in his car? Or does he always take his sleigh?

–Are elves as big as people, or are they little? (This one is tricky. The elves in storybooks are little. But the elves at Macy’s Santaland, who were absolutely positively REAL ELVES “buzz they knew it was almost my birthday,” were of normal height. I told him… yes that was indeed confusing, and I wasn’t sure.)

–Is Santa real? (This one broke my heart a little, but it wasn’t too hard. I just parried with “Well, all I know is, I wake up on Christmas morning, and someone has brought us presents! Who else would it be?” And I think we got another two years out of that answer, at least.)

I think some small part of me, or maybe most of me, forgets that Santa is just me and actually thinks someone is coming down the chimney tomorrow night with tons of gaily wrapped gifts. Everything my children actually WILL get on Christmas morning is still sitting, unwrapped, in boxes from various online retailers. And there’s only 36 hours or so left. That’s enough to make anyone a true believer.