in case you thought I was making things up

Anyone who thinks the whole getting-your- kid-into-kindergarten saga in New York City is a tad overblown should check out “Kindergarten Crop” in this week’s New York magazine.

After repeating the oft-cited statistic that the population of children under five in Manhattan has grown by 25% since 2000, the article tells horror stories of children who have nowhere to go to kindergarten this fall. Then it tells the harrowing tale of how the public school system decided to shift its gifted and talented acceptance date until May, so many more families may be shut out at that point, but won’t know until then.

It will all make you very glad not to live in New York City. Unless you’re me and your kids’ school goes from nursery through 8th grade. Score! You don’t want to be me when Cooper is 13… but until then, I’m golden.