we’re famous!

My family has hit the big time: we are on a greeting card.

This is my favorite photo of Cooper and Fergus ever. Last year, when I was doing Mother Load in New York, I was contacted by the hot mamas at Motherhood With Attitude. They sent me a bunch of their fabulous, hilarious cards about motherhood, which were prominently displayed in our lobby. I loved their cards, and their priceless photos of Children Behaving Badly, so much that I sent Janalee and Tiffany the picture of my two hellcats, locked in their nightly death battle. My insensitive mothering (evidenced by my going to get the camera, rather than pulling Fergus off his brother) was rewarded by this moment being memorialized forever on a greeting card, and with a quote from my idol, Erma Bombeck, no less.

Here’s what Janalee has to say about their cards and why they’re making them:

I am continuously struck by the disconnect between what I am experiencing as a mom and what I see in greeting cards and gifts for mothers. Come on! We all sit around at play dates or moms nights out and talk about how hard it is! And yet, all the cards act like we’ve got it soooooo good.

True dat! Check out their stuff, you’ll love it.