even a mom will only go so far

There are times in any mother’s life when she is called upon to go Above and Beyond. And folks, I’m not talking about the aforementioned delousing process. Today, I’m talking about Maddie’s stuffed-up nose, and this:

Meet the Nosefrida, “the recommended alternative to recalled medicines.” Now that you can’t give your baby cold medicine anymore, since it was dangerous all these years and no one ever told us, all you need is this Swedish import! For just $17.95 on amazon.com, you too can stick one end of a hose in your baby’s snotty nose and the other IN. YOUR. MOUTH.

According to Nosefrida’s website, the renowned Dr. Sears likes the Nosefrida “because it doesn’t require you to put anything inside the nose.” This quote is directly to the right of the same picture shown above, which– and tell me if I’m wrong here– shows a mother, presumably Swedish, with one end of some breast pump tubing in her mouth, and the other IN THE BABY’S NOSE.

(If anyone needed another reason to hate Dr. Sears, you’re welcome.)

Nosefrida.com also suggests that Nosefrida is “the perfect baby gift idea.” Really? I just went to my friend Ann’s shower this week, and I guess I could have brought her a Nosefrida instead of an adorable baby outfit. And sat through the uncomfortable silence that would certainly have followed when it was unwrapped. But maybe not.

Now, there is apparently some barrier that prevents the snot from actually getting into your mouth, to which I say, well duh, I would hope so, but that does not stop it from being utterly and completely nasty.

But Maddie’s nose is really running. And according to the amazon user reviews and Motherhood Uncensored , “Nosefrida rocks. Seriously, if it were a man, I’d marry it.”

And can we not assume that someone declaring herself uncensored would not pull her punches on this disgusting product?

OK. If Maddie still has the runny nose in 3 more days, I’m ordering it. Double dare me.