if your baby is teething, watch out

I want to preface this by saying I don’t know this family personally… I received this email after it had been cc’d around quite a few times. But it seemed legit, and my Googling around seems to confirm that this story could well happen, so I’m passing on this warning about Baby Orajel:

Zane’s been teething pretty badly for the past few days, and we decided
to give him Baby Orajel on Sunday afternoon. We’ve given it to him a
few times previously, when his first two teeth cut through, and never
had a problem. Scott and I were both sitting with Zane on the floor in
his room when I rubbed a dosage on his upper gum. Seconds after I gave
it to him, he made a face as if he were crying but no noise came out. I
picked Zane up and he immediately went limp in my arms and his face
turned blueish. He was not panicking or gasping for air – he was
lifeless. This lasted for approximately 15 seconds, but felt like an
eternity. Words cannot convey our feelings during that time (or even
now, ever) as we attempted to revive our son. Without a doubt it was the scariest moment
of our lives. Ultimately, Zane ‘came to’ and began to cry hysterically.

We spent the evening at the hospital, where Zane underwent numerous
tests, all of which came back normal. We also spoke with Zane’s
pediatrician, who stated that she advises against the use of this
product because its purpose is to numb and if it gets into an infant’s
throat, it may stop them from breathing. Obviously, we wanted to learn
more about this product and why this happened so we conducted some
internet research. Interestingly, we came across some postings of
parents with similar experiences. Further, one website listed a side
effect as, ‘difficulty breathing and grey/blueish face.’ Also, when we
called Zane’s daycare to let them know what happened, the owner said
that she’s heard of this happening before. It’s surprising then that no
such warning is on the bottle and that more people do not discuss the
negative and possible deadly implications of the use of this product.

We don’t want to imagine what could’ve happened if we had given this to
him at night, in his crib, as we (and many others) have done in the
past, and then walked away (although, of course we monitor him
throughout the night).

To reiterate, the reason we share the above with you is to strongly
advise you to throw away any Baby Orajel products you have at home and
please advise your friends and family of the same. Trust us, it’s not
worth the possible side effects.

I never used the stuff anyway, but I’m certainly not going to start now.