let’s make a couple of things clear

In the last week, we have welcomed a new babysitter, Jenny, into our lives. Jenny is English and went to the same nanny training school as the Supernanny. Therefore, Jenny is fabulous.

Some might say, well, that’s it, Amy. You’ll have more time to blog now, but nothing to blog about, since your children will be not only perfectly behaved at all times, but also dressed in your master bedroom curtains. But if you are saying that, you do not know my children.

I now present to you: Lessons for Jenny, Scenes One and Two.

Scene One: Jenny was helping me put the boys to bed on her first night at our house. Cooper had just finished using the toilet.

JENNY: Don’t forget to wash your hands, darling.

Cooper does a double take.

COOPER: I didn’t make poops.

JENNY: (confused) Oh?

COOPER: So I don’t have to wash my hands.

JENNY: Yes you do, silly.

COOPER: No I don’t. (helpfully) In our house, we don’t wash hands after we just make PEEPS. Right, Mommy?

Jenny looks to Mommy, quizzically.

ME: Well. It’s something we can work toward.

Scene Two: Jenny was in the playroom with Fergus, who was talking to himself while holding himself (his favorite state of being).

FERGUS: … and he’s a bad guy! And he saying I don’t wike you bad guy!

JENNY: Do you have to go to the bathroom, Fergus?


JENNY: No thank you, Jenny.

FERGUS: and the bad guy is going to fight the– wait. Not no fank you!

JENNY: What?

FERGUS: When you don’t have to go to the bathroom, it’s not no fank you.

JENNY: It isn’t?

FERGUS: No. Iss just NO.

I don’t know what Jo Frost would say to that, but when it comes to our entrenched bathroom preferences, Jenny clearly has her work cut out for her.