you never know

David’s 90 days off from work continue to impress and amaze everyone in our household. When he’s working, even if he’s physically present at home, he more often than not has both eyes and both thumbs on his BlackBerry. Not his fault. That’s just the way it is.

But now that he has no current work obligations (save fretting about the collapse of Wall Street), the men in my house have time to do all the manly sorts of things that men enjoy. Such as:


Here you see Fergus with but one of the many fish he caught during the boys’ first-ever fishing trip. Mommy and Maddie weren’t invited. Mommy and Maddie were more than fine about that. But when the boys returned home, I was most anxious to hear every detail of their trip. In my excitement, however, I forgot the inescapable fact that men– of any age– are from Mars.

MOMMY: So Cooper did you have fun fishing???
MOMMY: … Did you have fun having special time with Daddy???
MOMMY: … So tell me! What did you talk about?

Cooper looks at me quizzically.

COOPER: Mommy. When you fish, it’s not about the TALKING. It’s about the WAITING.

I guess he’s probably right, and that is why men fish and women don’t.

I tried to get something more out of the younger brother:

MOMMY: Did you have fun with Daddy, Fergus?
MOMMY: Did you catch lots of fish?!
FERGUS: Not weawwy.
MOMMY: But you caught some, right?
FERGUS: You know what Daddy says?
MOMMY: What, honey?
FERGUS: When you know something, you catch the fish. And then you don’t know.

I was floored by my son’s mastery of Zen teachings, and spent the rest of the evening pondering what that meant, until David told me that he really said, “You never know when you’re going to catch a fish.”

I like Fergus’ version better myself.