According to an article in The New York Times this week, our nation’s pediatricians are suddenly seeing a rash of children with kidney stones. That’s a kidney stone there, on the left. Not the BB, the pearl, or the dime, but the other, more spiky thing. (Thanks to for that picture, as informative as it is horrifying.)

Apparently, kidney stones are caused primarily by 1) too much salt and 2) not enough water in the diet, two things that I can certainly say have been true for the children in my household. Cooper is a picky eater so I let him put salt on BACON, for heaven’s sake, just so he’ll eat it. And I never offer my kids drinks unless it’s mealtime, or unless they ask for them.

So here’s the new Worry of the Week, parents. If your children suddenly crumple over with incredible abdominal pain, it will be all your fault. Push the water, pull the salt.