Hello from Charlotte!

Mother Load has hit the road, at last! We just opened last night at the Blumenthal Center in uptown Charlotte. You can read about the show in the Shelby Star and the Charlotte Observer. If only the press in New York City were so generous with the feature articles!

I’m really excited to take the show around the country, and learn about parts of America that are new to me. Here’s what I can tell you about Charlotte so far:

— their “uptown” is what you and I would normally call “downtown.” “Uptown” Charlotte has the skyscrapers, the restaurants, the bustling pedestrians. So where is downtown Charlotte? As far as I can tell so far, there kind of is none.

— this is a tense week for Charlotte, between the takeover of Wachovia Bank and the really severe, and really weird, gas shortage that has Charlotte, for some particular reason, in its grip. Judging from last night, though, audiences who have enough gas (and enough gas money) to get to the show are still ready for a few laughs.

–mothers in Charlotte seem to be slightly snappier dressers than I am. Many moms in NYC, at least on the Upper West Side, rock a certain Sarah Silverman look– jeans and T-shirts with a devil-may-care ponytail. So that’s what I wear in the show. But women in Charlotte have their act together a bit more than that, so a shopping mall trip may be in order.

–which is fine with me, because there are like 85 shopping malls in the Charlotte vicinity. Have I ever told you how much I love shopping malls? When you live in New York City, a Pottery Barn Kids and a Cheesecake Factory and a vast parking lot have incredible appeal.

Yes, life in Charlotte is good so far, except Maddie is in the pack n play in the next room REFUSING to take her morning nap. She has had enough of the Candlewood Suites, Mecklenburg! Enough, I tell you! Ah, well, that’s life on the road.