how I have missed these bons mots

Greetings from Aspen! After not seeing the boys for two weeks, I’m having a lot of fun hanging out with them and enjoying the great outdoors. Aspen is great in the fall- OK, there’s no snow, but that also means there’s no one here, and so we have the hotel and the restaurants, and the mountains, to ourselves.

So we’ve had lots of time to catch up, and oh how I have missed Cooper’s words of wisdom, like this morning:

“Mommy. You want to know what’s really weird? The Wonder Pets ARE animals. But they SAVE animals. And they can talk? But the other animals can’t. THAT’S what’s really weird.”

My God, he’s right. That always bothered me about Maisy, that she was a mouse who like went to petting zoos and milked cows, and rode horses, and held dominion over other animals, when she was a MOUSE. An overall-wearing mouse, but still.

But as I lie awake tonight, letting Maddie cry it out– oh yes, we’re STILL not there– I’m going to be puzzling out this Wonder Pets universe. That really is a trip.