I GUESS I’m happy about that

So here I am, in Charlotte for two weeks, and I’ve brought Maddie with me but left the boys home.

I’m missing the boys terribly, and am happy I brought Maddie, less for her than for me. If I didn’t even have my baby to cuddle I don’t know if I could make it. However, after getting home from the opening night party at 12:30 last night, and then waking up with Maddie at 1, 4, and 6 am for the day, I am having some second thoughts about this decision. We have definitely maxed out everything that is interesting about this hotel room for an eleven month old. She clearly misses home, and all the chaos that goes with it, and so do I.

So I’ve been calling the boys at least once every day, and telling them how much I miss them. Cooper usually tells me he misses me too, and then we move on to other scintillating topics, such as what he thinks might be for dessert at school today. Fergus, at 4, is kind of too young to really have a phone conversation, and so is pretty much indifferent to the whole thing. As he is to most things. “Hi, Mommy,” he says, and then doesn’t answer my questions, except I suppose by nodding, which I can’t see, and then, about thirty seconds later, “Bye, Mommy.”

So I was very surprised this morning when Fergus got on the phone and immediately broke down sobbing.

FERGUS: Mooommmmmy… (sob) Mommmmyy….

MOMMY: Oh, honey. Do you feel sad?

FERGUS: Y-Y-Yeeessss. (sob)

MOMMY: Oh, honey. Mommy misses you too.

FERGUS: (sob) No, I don’t miss you, Mommy. (sob) I… miss… MAAADDDDIIEEE….

I will try not to feel too bad about that.