my new Oscar-winning-Brad-Pitt-arm-candy frenemy

OK, Gwyneth is so yesterday. As Aunt Mollie pointed out after my last post , Gwyneth really has gone off the deep end. She has actually created her own lifestyle website, which will positively make you throw up in your mouth, but since criticism of said website has already been exhaustively and hiariously handled by others, I am going to leave it. As Tina Turner once put it, This is Time for Letting Go.

Especially when W Magazine has this on the cover!

I so love Angelina. Love love. And I think this picture will do wonders for the breastfeeding cause. Look at the little hand, could you die?

I did read a comment somewhere that “wow, she even looks amazing without makeup.” And I said, hold it there. I mean, Angelina is Amazing. But come on, she used up an entire kohl pencil on her eyes before she let Brad pull out the camera. For Angelina there is no normal. No pumping gas, no taking out the trash. When she heads out to mommy and me class, this is how she rocks it:

Check it, world: I am gorgeous and famous and absolutely NOTHING LIKE YOU. I have a 20,000 square foot house in Germany, and another one in France. This hat is utterly without practical application, or at least I hope not, since my baby’s bare head is square in the sun. I never wear my hair in a ponytail, never, and I have SIX CHILDREN. I know nothing of your petty lives. I am La Angelina.

That’s what she’s saying in this picture, at least that’s what she’s saying to me, and doggone it I love her for it. She is the anti-Sarah Palin, or Gwyneth, for that matter. She is a famous person who gets how abnormal she is. She doesn’t try to act all “I make mac and cheese for my kids too.” And I don’t have to feel bad for not looking like her as I breastfed my newborn, because no one, especially her, thinks I was supposed to. Viva Angelina! You are the Elizabeth Taylor of our times. OK you make me feel bad about myself too. But only a little bit.