a rhino really, REALLY doesn’t eat meat

Sorry for the lack of posts! There has been no Mother Load to write of in my pretty little head, since I have just gotten back from five luxuriously relaxing and child-free days in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Also internet-free, except for one little spot near the lobby, which made for a frustrating Election Night, at least for the Obama fans at said vacation spot.

More on child-free Mexico later. I just wanted to give you all this bit of animal wisdom from Cooper, the Marlon Perkins of Senior Kindergarten. He and I were enjoying a book on rhinos this morning, well before 7 am.

Well. “Enjoying” may be too strong a word.

MOMMY: This is interesting. It says here that rhinos are vegetarians.
COOPER: Oh, yeah. Rhinos don’t eat meat at all.
MOMMY: I’m surprised to read that, since they’re so large.
COOPER: Mommy. SERIOUSLY. Rhinos never eat any meat. They HATE meat.
MOMMY: Well, I guess so.
COOPER: They hate it so much that, even if they, like, STEP in meat? They just… step right back out of it.

That’s impressive, isn’t it? All those rhinos out there, on the savannah, stepping in perfect little cubes of sirloin, and just withdrawing their paws and turning their backs entirely. That must take a ton of willpower. I should know. I would never have drunk so many margaritas this week, if I didn’t keep stepping in them.

(rhino photo cribbed from the African Wildlife Foundation, awf.org. They have the same initials as me. That’s got to signify something.)