Fergus Explains It All: Word World Edition

This one is actually courtesy of my sister, Aunt Polly. She and Fergus had a meaningful conversation about Word World recently. PBS Kids is really just not in the 21st century, so I can’t find a bigger picture online, but Word World is a show starring animals made up of the letters that spell their names. Like, the sheep is made out of the letters S-H-E-E-P. Anyway, Aunt Polly memorized the following exchange for these pages:

FERGUS: (Indicating cartoon shark whose body is made of the letters that spell SHARK; very seriously): Dat’s a real shark.
AUNT POLLY: Oh, wow. And he doesn’t have to stay in the water?
FERGUS: No. He just walks around.
AUNT POLLY: He can walk on his fins, huh?
FERGUS: Yes. Dat fing dat he’s walking on? Dat’s the letter ‘X.’ And it’s his back fin.
FERGUS: He’s nice, too.

(Pause while we watch)

FERGUS: (Still quite serious): I don’t know what his name is. I know the sheep and the duck’s names. The sheep is ‘Sheep’ and the duck is ‘Duck.’ But I don’t know what the shark’s name is.
AUNT POLLY: …I wonder if it’s ‘Shark’?
FERGUS: (This rings a bell): Oh, yeah, yeah, it’s ‘Shark.’

Well done, Fergus. It must be the X-fin that makes him so nice.