so how’d we do in 2008?

So, how’d you do in 2008? Did you make resolutions, and did you meet them?

Thanks to this blog, I am faced with an incontrovertible record of what I resolved a year ago. Here was my bar-setting for 2008:

–I will work on the muffin top. Which is, after three kids, more like an entire souffle hanging down over my waistband.

Well, my muffin top still exists. According to this review of Mother Load from its Charlotte run this fall,

To do this show week after week around the country, Wilson has to keep out-of-shape. Every time she lifts her top, revealing her puffy, crinkly “muffin top” spilling out over her waistband, Wilson shows us how seriously she takes her crusade.

This review horrified me. PUFFY? CRINKLY? Sure, I think that’s how it looks, but I figured it didn’t look that bad from the audience. And I AM working out. Once a month. Anyway. It’s better, it’s smaller, but it’s still there, and in 2009, I’m going to work out more, while accepting that my elephant-knee midsection may be here to stay. 

–I will actually get down on the floor with my kids and play Rescue Heroes, or Diego Animal Rescue, or Killer Whale Rescue, or K’Nex Space Rescue. I’m not talking every day. I mean at all. This year. That would be good.

I barely even know what this stuff is, and I don’t think my kids do either. Killer Whale Rescue? Hello, 52 WEEKS ago. 12 months is clearly much longer than any toy stays in heavy rotation. This week I did a 100-piece puzzle with Cooper, and in 2009, I am so all about the Planet Heroes Solar Quarters.

–I will stop finishing my kids’ dinners. Even when it’s Annie’s Bunny Macaroni.

Um. Good one. I will try again in 2009, and I will also try not to utilize the Bunny Macaroni quite so often, for the kids or for myself.

–I will spend more time interacting with actual, real female friends, than I do with the anonymous frenemies on

Ooh! Ooh! I did this one. I haven’t been on in months, and I am certainly better for it. However, I did discover Facebook in 2008, and so truthfully I have just transferred the Great Time Suck from one website to another. At least I know the people on Facebook. Kind of.

–I will get Maddie to sleep through the night. Since she will be 14 months old by December 31, 2008, I am hoping that’s not setting the bar too high.

WE DID IT!! Maddie now sleeps until 6 am or so. What was our secret? Well, about three weeks ago, we had to move Maddie into our office so a guest could sleep in our room. And David and I slept until morning… and Maddie, whenever she got up, survived just fine until we woke up on our own. What a revelation! Since then, we have moved Maddie (almost) entirely out of earshot. If she’s screaming bloody murder, I’ll hear her. If she’s just looking for a little attention at 4:30 am, well, she’ll have to wait a few hours, because I’m not hearing her. It took me six years of parenting to figure this one out. And it is golden.

–I will do, like, five Kegels, at some point this year. Maybe even in January, and five more in June or so.

I have done Kegels here and there all year, I do them fairly regularly when I’m brushing my teeth. I can’t say they’ve helped a great deal, but I do fear what I might be like without them. Nuff said.

I will remember to take my vitamin at least once a month. (Like I said, I don’t want to set the bar TOO high.)

Perhaps I should have aimed higher here. I took vitamins never. I know, I know, I really need to start with the vitamins and calcium in 2009. They give me gross burps though, I can’t take it. I eat the kids’ Flinstones, does that count?

–I will see a movie. At a movie theater. And my children will not be with me. (A mom’s gotta dream.)

I did this also. Twice! Burn After Reading, and Milk. Two whole movies. yay for me.

So, let’s sum up. For 2009, Kegels, vitamins, playing with my kids. Less Bunny Macaroni. More reading books and less DVR’ing Wife Swap. And bringing Mother Load to a city near you. That would be a great year indeed.

Hope your new year is a great one!

artwork cribbed from moove1 on flickr, and, presumably, trevor