hey Facebook, breastfeeding isn’t obscene

In case you haven’t heard the latest moms-in-cyberspace kerfuffle, apparently Facebook has been pulling down any profile photos that moms post of themselves breastfeeding.

Facebook is saying that it’s the visible nipple that makes them obscene. Sorry, Facebook, when a baby nurses, there is no visible nipple. Just on the way on, and on the way off, before Mommy pulls down her shirt, you losers.

Anyway, if you’d like to be a mom activist, join the Facebook group Hey, Facebook, breastfeeding is not obscene! by clicking the link. Over a million moms have so far.

In solidarity, I wanted to post a picture of myself breastfeeding, but um, I don’t seem to have any. While I more than honor any mother’s right to commemorate such a special time in hers and her child’s life, I seem to have avoided that opportunity myself.

So here is a photo of Cooper nursing Mitchell, his Cabbage Patch doll, in 2004, complete with a My Brest Friend pillow. That’s right, a boobie pillow. Take THAT, Facebook!