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Have you seen the video yet of Salma Hayek breastfeeding another woman’s child on a recent trip to Africa? After seeing the blogosphere giggle about it for a week, I finally had my defenses worn down enough to check it out myself.

It kind of blew me away. Nursing another woman’s child is not something I would ever have considered. And I DEFINITELY would not have wanted someone else nursing my own children. I’ll give my daughter milk from any old cow in the world, but another human? Yick.

Or at least that’s what I thought until I saw Salma giving of herself to this young infant, whose own mother won’t nurse him because of prejudices against it in her country. This little boy has a GOOD meal, and ABC News isn’t afraid to show a nice closeup of him gulping down the milk and staring up at Salma with frank adoration.

Kudos to Ms. Hayek, and kudos to ABC News. If a woman who has nursed three children can have her mind opened about breastfeeding, just imagine what it can do for people who have never been exposed to it at all.

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Roxane B. Salonen February 19, 2009 at 4:13 am

A friend of mine once shared a story about how she nursed her friend’s child while she was babysitting it. She, too, was a nursing mother, the kids was hungry, and she gave it what it needed. I was rather taken aback when she first shared this, but it challenged me in a good way. I have reconsidered my earlier reaction to my friend, who was simply doing what needed to be done. We need to get realistic about breasts and their primary purpose. I have not nursed another person’s child, but I have a new respect for those who have done so out of love for the child and his or her need to eat.


Roxane B. Salonen February 19, 2009 at 4:15 am

Ooops. Please correct “it” to him or her. 🙂 And “the kid” was hungry. I’ve got to start commenting earlier in the evening! Too many late-night typos.


Jennifer Ryan, M.Ed., LPC February 20, 2009 at 6:13 am

So, the question is, Roxane, did the mom know the babysitter was nursing her child?

Yeah, I haven’t checked out this Salma thing, but I will. I really think that’s a great and inspiring story. In fact, when I had problems nursing my (premature) twins, my lactation consultant suggested I use someone else’s breast milk. Honestly, that would NOT have been an option, and thank God my pump worked perfectly for us.


Marketing Mama February 21, 2009 at 4:31 am

Yes, this is awesome. I’m glad you had this clip – I hadn’t seen it. I had only heard about a different clip that supposedly also showed a baby dying of starvation. I just couldn’t bring myself to watch that – Salma or no Salma.

That said, I think it’s GREAT that she did that. As a nursing mom, I would do exactly the same thing in that position. In fact, I said that same thing on the radio last week in support of what she did. I can’t believe some people jump to the “ewwww” response when it was a STARVING baby. Thanks again.


Jennie Skaggs March 7, 2009 at 3:18 pm

Hi, I came upon your blog by accident. however, I find this an interesting story as a breast feeding mom. I would think that in other countries it is probably more acceptable than here in the US. I read in an article that in the US Breast milk is treated like blood, urine, etc in the event someone gets in contact with it.


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