Fergus Facts

The kids and I were driving down the highway in our minivan, listening to our favorite CD, a mix created for Fergus’ birthday by his Aunt Mollie and Uncle Tim, each of us lost in our separate reverie.

Fergus loves music, and always listens very carefully, especially if The Beach Boys happen to be singing, and usually no talking is allowed as far as he is concerned. However, after one song he felt compelled to speak up.

FERGUS: Not evwybody.

MOMMY: What, Fergus?


MOMMY: What do you mean, not everybody?

FERGUS: Some old people are not.

MOMMY: (competely lost) Some old people aren’t what?

FERGUS: Suwfin’ USA.

MOMMY: Ohhhh.

FERGUS: Yeah. Some old people aren’t suwfin’ USA, because dey too OLD.

Brian Wilson, he’s got you there.