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If you are here thanks to, welcome! If you’re not, you might want to check out this essay I wrote for Babytalk magazine, which was reprinted on’s “Living” section today:

Why I Didn’t Want a Girl

I am thrilled to hear everyone’s feedback on the story, even if you didn’t like it. (If you nose around the comments section of the posts below, you will find a lively debate.)

A special shout-out to anyone who lives in FLORIDA! I am going to be visiting Tampa, Naples, and Fort Lauderdale between May 12 and 23, with my one-woman show MOTHER LOAD. You can find all the info here. I hope you’ll come check it out!

As far as the essay: I do want everyone to understand one thing. I did not title my essay “Why I Didn’t Want a Girl.” CNN did. Babytalk called it “Boy Crazy,” and my original title was “A Daughter, At Last.”

CNN’s title is definitely more provocative, but if you read my essay, I think you’ll find it’s much more about my concern about my apprehension about having a girl, than my proud statement of how anti-daughter I am.

18 months later, I am utterly besotted with Maddie. To all those strangers who told me how lucky I was to be having a girl: you were sure right.

PS For a lovely look at the inverse– what it’s like to want a daughter when you only have sons– check this out, by Allison Slater Tate.