One of my favorite blogs,, is alerting us all this morning to a new height of nausea in our Toddlers & Tiaras world.

Meet Baby Bangs!

There, aren’t you relieved! I’m sure you looked at that baby in the top photo and thought, geez, that baby is wearing a fuchsia tutu but I’m still REALLLLY on the fence whether that’s a boy or a girl. And knowing the gender of an infant is truly of utmost importance.

Thank God for BabyBangs, a “patent pending HAIR+band accessory combination” with “silky strands of monofiber Kanekalon” that are then “sprinkled with MAGIC! inspiring a world of mystical magical memorable moments for you and your baby girl to cherish forever!”

I’m getting Maddie the Geranium Vivace model, which offers “a delicate row of Rose, Olive, and Lavender Fleurs with stitching details in Rose, Sheer Ribbon Underlay and Bow (w/ Faux Pearl Drop in center) in Sheer Lavender.” Why not? BabyBands can be put on your baby’s head in just six simple steps! (I haven’t had a hairstyle that required six steps since my wedding day.) And then a “light hairspray can be used, while protecting baby’s eyes and face.”

I know you want some for yourself, but BabyBangs are only “for Bebe’s and Enfants 0-9 months.” Any older, and you’ll have to magically grow your hair longer, like Katie/Kate Holmes Cruise.