drop-kick the drop-side cribs

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Toys “R” Us has stopped ordering drop-side cribs because of safety concerns. The good old Consumer Products Safety Commission, full of action, has scheduled a meeting to plan how the government can better reassure us that drop-side cribs are safe. In other words, they’re going to take a good long time to figure out how to tell us all there’s no problem. Meanwhile, after 21 recalls of 4.2 million cribs over the last two years, the largest toy retailer is pulling the plug, rather than waiting until a drop-side crib actually comes to life and bludgeons a babe with its own rickety parts. Apparently, that’s what it would take for the CPSC to take quicker action.

I’ve never really understood the point of drop-side cribs; I own them but have never used the drop-side function. It never even occurred to me. I’m hoping that makes my own particular cribs a little less rickety.

It does chap my fanny, however, that when there really IS something dangerous to our children– as drop-side cribs are proving to be– the agencies that are supposed to protect us are always caught sleeping on the job. Same with the cough medicine, same with the salmonella peanut butter. And that means, as mothers, we can’t really ever relax. I think it’s probably better for my kids if I don’t worry about every single thing they encounter being hazardous to their health. But sometimes I’m not so sure.