Fergus Explains It All

Fergus is the only one of my children who seems to have a hard time falling asleep. Because he was such a good boy yesterday, when he came back out of his room last night in his jammies, squinting at the light coming from the TV, telling me he needed another hug, I let him lie down with me on the couch for a few minutes, and held him tight. My husband David was moved by this picture of domestic bliss.

DAVID: Fergus, don’t you have the best mommy?

Fergus thinks about it for a moment.


MOMMY: Excuse me?

FERGUS: No. You are not de BEST mommy. In anudder house, there is pwobby a mommy who is gooder.

DADDY: Fergus, that’s not nice to say.

FERGUS: (clarifying) You still a good mommy. You’re zust not the BEST mommy.

What can you do? He’s so obviously, totally right.