Juicy Juice on the Brain

I like Juicy Juice, I really do. Their 100% berry juice is a mainstay in our home. So why I am so bothered by their newest taste sensation, Juicy Juice Brain Development?

“Her brain will triple in size by the time she’s two!” their ads crow. So, if you really love your child, she should be drinking Apple Brain Development or Grape Brain Development, both enhanced with DHA, “an essential building block for brain development.”

Now, surely it can’t HURT, if your toddler drinks juice, to drink one that is enhanced with brain-enhancers. And it’s a lot easier to get them to drink Juicy Juice than, say, Children’s Arctic Cod Liver Oil. But is DHA really necessary? Present mostly in breast milk and salmon, it’s not something either of my older children got much of after their first birthdays. So, if I give Maddie this juice, I’ll still feel guilty that I didn’t do the same thing for her brothers. And I still can’t help feeling that I’m being suckered, here; that basically, Juicy Juice Brain Development is one smoothly-marketed step up from Easter candy bursting with yummy pwotein.

Oh, heck, I don’t know. Are you going to buy it?