Danny update

Last week, I asked for prayers for my cousin’s 19 month old son Danny, who was severely burned by a cup of hot tea which fell off the kitchen table. I am really happy to tell you that Danny is out of the woods, though he still has a long healing process ahead of him; he’ll have to wear compression sleeves on his leg, arm, and torso for a couple of months to protect the burns and minimize scarring.

When my cousin sent around her most recent email update, she told us this, and I thought it was important to pass on.

Some of you were kind enough to ask if there was anything you could do. Well, I have thought of something. PLEASE review kitchen safety with your kids, grandkids, all kids. Talk about boiling water, hot stoves, using the oven. Maybe make a “no playing in the kitchen if someone is cooking” rule. Also, make a fire plan if you haven’t already, and review it with your family if you have. Check your smoke detector batteries. Check your fire extinguishers. People have been sharing their burn stories with me, and they are awful. From the baby grabbing a curling iron that had 3rd degree burns and skin grafts to the man who spent months in the hospital and several surgeries for using lighter fluid on the grill. I have heard some awful 4th of July stories. Be careful. People get hurt.