Fergus Facts- Sleep Deprivation Edition

Maddie has returned to her 5 am OR EARLIER wakeup in the last couple of weeks, despite wailing and gnashing of teeth and naptime machinations on my part. I am a mother beaten down.

At least I can count on the hugs and kisses that come in a constant stream from my 4 year old, Fergus.
Unfortunately I can also count on a constant stream of brutally honest feedback from him.

Case in point: I was staggering toward the kids’ bedtime last night. Maddie was down and I was helping Fergus brush his teeth.

FERGUS: Can I give you a big hug and kiss, Mommy?
MOMMY: Oh, I would like that.

He does, then gazes deeply into my eyes.

FERGUS: (dreamily) You know what, Mommy?
MOMMY: What’s that, Fergus?
FERGUS: When I look into your eyes…
FERGUS: …I see wots of wittle orange cwacks all awound.

They’re called “bloodshot,” Fergus. Thanks for pointing that out.