kuh-doos to Chicago

In a very Ramona from Real Housewives of New York City way, I would like to offer “kuh-doos” this morning to the City Council of Chicago, who yesterday unanimously enacted a citywide ban on bottles and sippy cups containing bisphenol A.

They took this action to protect their fair city’s children, because the FDA still hasn’t taken action on what Chicago officials consider a “grave public health issue.” And it’s not like the FDA disagrees. Bisphenol A is bad, their own studies have found that to be the case. But “at levels found in products on the American market,” they concluded, “it appears to be safe.”

So let’s get this straight. There is a cancer-causing, puberty-rushing, heart disease and diabetes-giving chemical present in what our children drink from every day. And it is exceedingly easy to make bottles and sippy cups that do *not* contain said toxin. However, just a LITTLE BIT of bisphenol A every time they take a sip is PROBABLY not THAT bad.

Who is the FDA protecting here? Because it’s not our kids.

Some might think I’m just the kind of person who would pooh-pooh concerns like bisphenol A. And I was, until study after study indicated that it was, indeed, very dangerous. The good news is, you can get it out of your house in 5 minutes.

Here’s what Dr. Ari Brown, author of “Baby 411,” had to say in today’s NYT article:

I have families wondering if they should throw out their old bottles and buy the new BPA-free brands, and I tell them, ‘Yes, that would be a good idea.’