the power of princess

When published an essay of mine a few weeks back, about my apprehension at having a girl after two boys, it got extremely varied reactions. (If you’re here now, you probably know that already, but in case you don’t, you might want to read this first. Things were lively around here for a while.)

People took issue with what I said for so many different reasons I stopped keeping track, but the one I found the strangest was the women who wrote me saying, “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PRINCESSES?”

Nothing’s wrong with princess play, if it becomes merely one of my daughter’s interests– but I thought just about any mother today would feel, as I do, that the focus on princess play for little girls today has come to exclude any other kinds of play, or toys, or dress-up, or behavior, for girls between 2 and 5, and that that was perhaps a little restrictive for our daughters. I was really surprised that some women thought that was even subject to argument.

Today, yahoo news has a story by Martha Irvine discussing the princess syndrome, and some other parents’ misgivings about it. If you are someone who is offended by my “problem with princesses”, take a look- I think Ms. Irvine, and the people she interviews, make some interesting points.