prayers needed

Today I’m reaching out and asking for prayers, from anyone who believes in their efficacy to help strangers. There has actually been some study of prayer as a form of alternative medicine called distant healing, defined by its most prominent researcher , Dr. Elisabeth Targ, as “any purely mental effort undertaken by one person with the intention of improving the physical or emotional well-being of another.” One study of intercessory prayer, done in 2001, actually found a higher rate of pregnancy among IVF patients who were prayed for, as compared with those who were not. One thing’s for sure: it can’t hurt.

A cousin of mine, mother to three boys and expecting her fourth child this summer, was having a cup of tea in the kitchen two days ago when her 4 year old hugged her from behind. Somehow, the cup was knocked off the counter, and the boiling water fell all over her 19 month old son, Danny. “I’ll spare you the details,” she wrote in her email to our entire family. As parents, I think we can imagine it all too well.

Danny is in a burn unit receiving excellent care, but prayers are needed the next few days. His wounds seem to be healing on their own, but should infection set in, more extensive procedures will have to be undertaken.

I can’t stop thinking about my cousin, how she must feel, all the if-only’s and why-didn’t-I’s that must be playing nonstop in her head. We all know it wasn’t her fault. This stuff just happens sometimes; that’s what makes motherhood so endlessly scary.

Please take this as a reminder to keep the hot liquids well away from your children’s reach, and please pray for Danny, and for my cousin.

UPDATE! Danny has been sent home from the hospital, wrapped up like a little mummy, and will have to remain that way for some time. But it doesn’t look like any operations or skin grafts will be required. Thanks for the prayers.