thanks, USA Today

Maddie and I are on the road in Florida this week doing Mother Load in Florida, and one of the chief reasons I love the Marriott Residences and Hampton Inns of this fine country is that I get to wake up to a USA Today on my doorstep. Who doesn’t love USA Today? As with Sara Lee, I believe the correct answer is, “Nobody.”

I suppose I could get USA Today delivered to my house as well, but mightn’t that ruin some of the fun? It is something best enjoyed when one is not in one’s usual environs, and I want to keep it a treat as special as the Doritos Snack Mix I never allow myself unless it is explicitly offered to me aboard Jet Blue.

I love USA Today because it boils things down to the need-to-know essentials, and yesterday’s book review was no exception.

Meet Panicology: Two Statisticians Explain What’s Worth Worrying About (and What’s Not) in the 21st Century. Doesn’t that sound like a book we could all use? It sounds like they get down to the nitty-gritty in the book itself, but USA Today boiled it down even further:

Only six topics got the highest risk rating: overpopulation, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, indebtedness, high house prices, effect of globalization on the workplace, and freak weather.

There, don’t you feel better already? I do. Whether Fergus is ready for kindergarten yet is NOT ON THIS LIST. Whether I will ever get Maddie out of our bed is NOT ON THIS LIST. And I don’t even *have* a workplace, strictly speaking! So I’m down to a mere five things that are worth worrying about. Not bad.