just what you always wanted!

Yesterday was Daddy’s birthday around here, and the boys and I hid behind the kitchen island when he came downstairs and absolutely terrified him when he jumped out, pleasing Cooper to no end.

After the presentation of the Handmade Birthday Cards, which I am sorry to say I forgot to take pictures of to post (I will correct that later), it was time for Daddy to open his presents, since it was after all 7:45 am and we had all been waiting for him to wake up for an hour and a half already.

“Mine first!” Cooper screamed. He couldn’t wait for Daddy to open it because it was “just what he always wanted.” Of course, by “he,” Cooper actually meant the royal “he,” as in, himself:

Yes, Cooper’s gift to his father was the Indiana Jones Legos Wii game, which, once David ooh’ed and aah’ed over, Cooper took to the TV and played and/or talked about for the rest of the day. “There’s this guy? And Indiana Jones goes over to him? And there’s smoke? And then? You go like this with the whip and he turns into ALL LEGOS.”

Fergus got Daddy a tie. Maddie got him a windbreaker. Cooper also got Daddy a T-shirt. Fergus also got Daddy another T-shirt.

“Didn’t YOU get him anything, Mommy?” Cooper said, accusingly, once all the wrapping paper was on the floor.

I really am a terrible person. Upon reflection, I am even worse, since Cooper’s “gift” of the Wii game is suspiciously like my own birthday gift, 30 years ago or so, to my mother, of one pound of red licorice. She hid it in her nightstand so we kids wouldn’t eat it all. However, I discovered it there, and ate it, two pieces at a time, until it was gone. Sorry, Mom!