Fergus Explains It All: His Favorite People

Fergus turned 5 this week, and this afternoon, David and I were preparing a barbecue for 14 friends and relatives in our backyard to celebrate. Fergus was sitting at the kitchen counter watching us, and was apparently feeling very appreciative.

FERGUS: Mom. You know what?
MOMMY: What, Ferg?
FERGUS: You’re my second favwite person.

David and I make furtive eye contact.

MOMMY: Wow, I am? Who’s your favorite person?
FERGUS: I not telling.
DADDY: Is it me?
FERGUS: No. You’re my fourth favwite person.
DADDY: Who’s third?
FERGUS: Winda.

David nodded at this, not even really that surprised. Linda was Seamus’ babysitter from birth, and although we see her less often now, we have her babysit as often as we can. Therefore, Linda is also my third favorite person (at LEAST), although I am still scarred by the fact that when he was a year old, Fergus said Linda’s name (“Ee-da”) for several months before he was saying mine.

The rest of Fergus’ birthday afternoon has been spent trying to figure out who is #1. Since he is 5, playing guessing games where only he knows the answer are kind of hard. Whoever this mystery person is that Fergus prefers over me, and three times more than Daddy, she “kind of” lives with us, is a girl, but then became two people, and “might be” imaginary.

I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not Poppy- Fergus’ paternal grandfather is, apparently, his “last favwite” person. Nor is it Ms. Harder (Fergus’ pre-school teacher), Penelope Pitstop, or Santa Claus. Anyone out there good at riddles?