long time no see

Happy September! I am very sorry that I have been so absent lately. You will be hearing from me more often now that I am the proud mother of a healthy 70,000 word manuscript, delivered yesterday morning at 7:15 am!

To be exact, it was a 69,967 word manuscript. It was supposed to be 70K. I spent the night before going through one last time and cutting out all the extraneous commas and “buts” and “howevers,” and what is apparently my favorite word, “clearly.” Had I left all those in it would have been closer to 71,000, although I do feel the book is better without them.

I am currently euphoric. I can’t believe I finished it on time, and I am feeling extra loving and grateful toward my husband and especially my three children, who were quite patient while Mommy was holed up in the guest room typing all summer.

Before I join them all outside in the sunshine, I just wanted to say this blog is BACK, and I hope to have lots to share in the months to come about the process of creating a book as well as life with a first grader, and a manic five-year-old, and a very bossy almost-two-year-old.

Here’s the best thing I’ve heard all summer, from my husband’s cousin’s wife, Gretchen. Gretchen’s seven year old daughter Lily loves to tattle (what seven year old doesn’t?) and Gretchen has laid down these ground rules:

It is all right to tattle if

1) someone is BLEEDING
2 someone is not BREATHING
3) someone/thing is BROKEN
4) someone/thing is BURNING

Otherwise, Mama doesn’t want to hear it.

Gretchen adds a 5th “B,” for bullying, but I have left that off my adapted list because that is a rather large umbrella.

Has anyone ever heard this list before? It seems to be popular in the Buffalo area. At least Gretchen says so. Anyhow, I plan on taking it nationwide, don’t you?