farewell, Cookie magazine

Say it ain’t so, Conde Nast. As of yesterday afternoon, Cookie magazine will cease publication. This came in the same week that Noggin changed its name to Nick Jr., and it feels a little bit like losing Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson on the same day.

I had a very complicated relationship with Cookie. I was a subscriber who eagerly devoured each issue. I also found it depressing, in that the lifestyle it represented was one I never had in the first place, let alone one I could dream of reattaining now that I had three kids. But the moms in Cookie made it all look so simple, and that was the worst part. I would tell myself that if I just worked a little harder, I might be like them– then I would remember that to be like them, nothing is supposed to seem hard. Every time I read Cookie I felt less relaxed, and then I felt even worse about myself because if I ever wanted to be a Stylish Parent, nonchalance had to come first.

How about you? Did you read Will you miss Cookie? Will you mourn the passing of the glamorous, acquisitive “new mom” that it profiled?