welcome babblers

Today, I had an article published on babble.com called Why Cookie Crumbled: the rise and fall of the unattainable and irresistible parenting magazine. As of this writing, it’s right there on the home page, which is very exciting.

Let me just say that I loved Cookie magazine, really I did, despite my somewhat snarky tone in this article. It made me feel bad about myself, but I read every single issue nonetheless. Babble lopped off my article’s original ending, where I admitted to having saved every back issue, and surmised that I would therefore be continuing to gorge on Cookie well into the future.

It would be nice if other parenting titles, or, say, babble, picked up some of Cookie’s better features, like the sex column and the “if you have rotisserie chicken, you can make these five things” recipes. But we, as a society, might have moved beyond the $275 designer jeans, size 2T. And that is a good thing.

If you’re here because of the article, welcome! I would love to hear your thoughts.