an arranged marriage, part two

I have at least one reader who has begged me for more information on Seamus’ wedding and just how it went down. My five year old came home from pre-K yesterday and told me he was “married to Elizabeth.” He showed me one of my ponytail holders around his upper arm, as proof of his pledged fidelity. And then refused to give me a single other detail.

I kept trying different angles, all through bath and dinner and teeth-brushing, and have managed to glean the following additional information:

Q: Whose idea was it?

A: Seamus’ idea, because his friend Colin had a wife too, Sophia, and Seamus wanted in on the action.

Q: Did you have a wedding?

A: No.

Q: Did you ask Elizabeth to marry you?

A: No.

Q: So how do you know that you’re married?

A: Because during free play I said to her, “What’re you doing, wife,” and she answered, “Cleaning.”

Seamus decided he would take a wife, and when he called Elizabeth “wife” in his mumbly, shy voice, she didn’t expressly contradict him, so that means they’re married. Plus, she likes to clean.

It’s all very caveman. Or Mormon splinter sect. Or something.

I was anxious to see them together at dropoff this morning, but Seamus assiduously avoided eye contact and stuck to the Play-Doh table.

That’s all I have for now… if there’s an afternoon update I will be sure to post it!