a bloggy November

Today felt like one long hangover. Between the post-Halloween crash and rolling the clocks back so it’s dark at 3:30 p.m., all five of us were cranky all day today. But here is one thing to look forward to: it’s NaBloPoMo! For those of you who have never celebrated this holiday, that’s short for National Blog Posting Month, and as of today, we are in it. All you have to do to take part is say that that is what you intend. Kind of like an Islamic divorce. And so I have resolved to post every day for the next month, and am actually going on record here with that resolve, which I am sure I will regret. But blogging has been such a great experience for me, such great fodder for my writing AND such a wonderful record of a time in my life that is flying by, that I hope this will help me blog more often all the time going forward. OK maybe not every day. But better than I am doing now. I’ll probably post shorter things than I do now, but I tend to write such epics when I do post that that is probably, also, a good thing for my blogging style.

Halloween 2009: we had a kitty cat, a Transformer, and a rebel commando, aka “a bad guy from GI Joe,” which is what Connor’s friend claimed Connor’s costume made him. Connor himself had no idea. This was an example of the tail wagging the proverbial dog; my son selected his costume specifically because of the giant plastic Uzi that came with it. Yes, I once banned all toy guns from our house, but time has weakened my resolve. At least half of Connor’s class was either Harry Potter or Hermione, which made me wonder if all these kids were either 1) geniuses or 2) children with masochists for parents. Turns out, some of each. “Oh yeah, I’ve read her the first three Harry Potters,” one mother said, like it was no big deal. We’ve been working on “Little House on the Prairie” at our house since August. Oh well. November is for daily blo po’s, and December will be all about reading aloud!