house rules

A few weeks ago, at utter wits’ end with my squabbling children, I sentenced them to sit down and write some house rules which we would post in our kitchen, to peruse at mealtimes. To my surprise, this was not really a punishment. The boys have taken to this idea with great gusto, add to it freely, and at this point, the rules have taken over half our kitchen.

Here, now, our House Rules.

No Teasing. Note the sad face of the person being teased, at bottom.

No Biting. Note the blood.

No Pulling on Shirts. Too many stretched-out collars around here. And, oh yeah, the possibility of strangulation.

No TV till 6:30. This is counterintuitive, but if the kids can’t put the TV on while it’s still dark outside, they might actually stay in bed. Note the cable box reading “6:02” and the large NO.

Do Not Take Things Out of Maggie’s Hand. We’re getting a little specific here, but if that rule were followed there’d be a lot less bloodcurdling screaming around here.

Really, though, if you’re going to follow any rule at all, stick with this one.

No Drilling Your Sister.

Words to live by.