Maclaren recall: is there nothing safe?

The blogosphere is alight with the news that Maclaren is about to go public (Tuesday, Nov 10th) with a recall of every single stroller they have made for the last ten years, due to twelve cases of fingertip amputation among children when the strollers were opened.

Let’s stop right there. Fingertip amputation? And they had to get to TWELVE cases before they issued a recall? I’d say two cases was probably enough to establish a pattern. As always, I am outraged at how many kids have to be injured before a company will own up that their product is dangerous. And now you, Maclaren? I have had my $99 Volo since Connor was born seven years ago, and while it has never been my primary stroller, it has been invaluable whenever I had to take my little ones on the subway or bus or on vacation. Only a Maclaren folds like a dream and, slung over your shoulder, weighs 7 pounds, yet is still durable enough to last you through three children. And now this? I’m not ready to break up with you Maclaren, but I am REALLY pissed off.

Here’s what you need to know: starting tomorrow, Maclaren will provide free kits to cover the strollers’ hinge mechanisms. The quickest way to obtain the kits will be to order them through or by calling 877-688-2326. Both are currently not functioning but presumably will be tomorrow. Get the hinge covers– and until then, make sure your child is nowhere near your Maclaren when you are opening or closing it.