more on Maclaren

Time Magazine ran a story on their website today on the stumbling online response by Maclaren to their million-stroller recall. As proof of their mishandling of the moms-online world, they quoted this very blog, and how I said at the time that I was, quote, “very pissed off” at their company.

I would have chosen my words more carefully if I knew they would be broadcast to such a wide audience, but I must say, I stand by my sentiment. Some commenters here have suggested that this whole thing is overblown; one responder suggested this was less a Maclaren problem than a “stupid parent problem,” and that parents have to take responsibility for keeping their children safe.

No argument there: that is a parent’s primary reason for existence. And in the case of the Maclaren, I truly cannot picture how it is possible for one’s baby to be sitting there while one pops the stroller open. There’s nowhere for them to sit, so it should be hard for any small child to get close enough to those hinges to be injured.

But they were. And that is what makes me so angry: twelve children were injured. SERIOUSLY injured. Maimed for life injured. All in the exact same way. And it took twelve amputated fingers for the company to act. It never should have taken more than say, two, to make it clear these hinges were dangerous to children. And on a product specifically designed to be FOR small children, to boot.

As a mother, I do everything I can to keep my children safe, but when I use a respected (and expensive) stroller like Maclaren, I have the right to a reasonable expectation that nothing about it, when used in a normal way, can maim my children. That just shouldn’t be in the realm of possibility. Sure, companies make mistakes: the stroller company phil and teds had to issue a fix for their own double strollers, after it became clear that the kids in the back could stick their fingers in the wheel spokes. But no kid ever LOST a finger that way.

But Maclaren is making it right now, and that’s what matters. I was able to quickly and easily order replacement parts for my Maclaren today, and if you haven’t yet, here’s how: go to or call 877-688-2326.

And let’s all, from here on out, hold the companies that make products for our children to a higher standard.

(Baby Bargains has another– and similar– take on the Maclaren recall here.)