teeth are busting out all over

After waiting nearly seven years to lose a single tooth, Connor has now lost two teeth in two days.

He came home from school yesterday with the other bottom middle tooth at a jaunty angle to the others, like the feather in Robin Hood’s cap. I would have just left it.
But our babysitter was quite focused on getting it out, and together, she and Connor decided she should tie a piece of thread around his tooth, and tie the other end to one of his Shake ‘n Go Racers. Connor would shake the car, set it down, and it would race off with his tooth. I had my reservations about this plan but stayed out of it, because I wasn’t pulling it out, that was for sure. In the end, the race car did not even have to be shaken for the tooth to be gone.

Before our babysitter left I threw my coat on and ran out to the bank with Maggie under one arm. I would not be unprepared this time! I got ten gold Sacajawea coins, set aside three to go under Connor’s pillow, and safely stashed the rest for future use. Then I took Connor’s tooth from where it sat on my desk, and handed it to him to put under his pillow. I was very proud of myself indeed, for having my act together for once.

Connor stared at me. “My tooth already IS under my pillow,” he said.


“No it’s not!” I said, idiotically, buying time.

“I just put it there,” he said, quite sure of himself.

We go in his room. There is a tooth under his pillow. I have just given him the one the Tooth Fairy supposedly took LAST night. I try to pocket the pillow tooth, but Connor is right at my elbow. “You had my other tooth that fell out on your desk?” he said. “That’s so weird. That’s so weird I like, might not even BELIEVE in the Tooth Fairy now.”

I decide to dig myself out of trouble by vehemently agreeing with him. “You’re right! That’s bizarre!” I said. “How did your tooth from last night end up on my desk? That makes NO SENSE.” When David came home, I met him at the door to head this story off at the pass. “Isn’t that WEIRD, Daddy?” I exclaimed. “Why did the Tooth Fairy leave money and not even take Connor’s tooth?”

“Because she’s magic,” Daddy replied, without missing a beat. “And she can see the future, so she knew she’d be back here tonight anyway. Tonight she can pick up both teeth at once.”

Sometimes I really love my husband.