why the mother hate?

There’s a great article up on salon.com by Lynn Harris (an old college friend): Everybody Hates Mommy. Lynn’s POV is that there’s an increasing intolerance– OK, hate– towards mothers, and mothering, and all the “space” we are supposedly taking up that belongs to other people. Oy, Lynn, I am with you, though for me, it’s more about the eye-rolling. I attended a book launch party last week, hosted by a parenting website, and this guy turns to me at the bar and says, “So, what’re you? A mommy blogger?” Mere italics cannot really get across the dripping-with-revulsion vibe he gave this particular term. I said, “Um, yes, actually, and I’m very good at it.”

I mean, are you kidding me? This was for a parenting book, hosted by a parenting website. Parenting websites would have nothing to print if they dismissed all “mommy bloggers” out of hand. If you don’t like mom blogs, don’t read them, but seriously, don’t give me attitude in a room that was crawling with mothers who write. Why did this guy think that was OK?

Read Lynn’s article. I hear the hate baiters are out in full force on the comments section, so I’m skipping that part… I can’t enjoy them anymore ever since the crazy hose was turned on me full blast back in April. (I mean I read YOUR comments, of course, but usually, no one is telling me that my children– then 6, 4, and 1– should put me in a home.)

How about you? Do you think there is increasing disdain and impatience for mothers? Is it merely a backlash to our increasing volume on the internet, or is there more going on?

(photo taken from salon.com article)