hug your toddlers today

Sad news to report this morning: fellow mother/writer Shellie Ross has lost her 2 yr old son, Bryson, after he drowned in their backyard pool.

Shellie’s family had lived in this home for less than three weeks. She turned her back for one moment. He was gone.

I don’t know Shellie, but Twitter is lit up this morning about her and her family’s tragedy. A few Twitter users saw fit to tell her she should not have turned her back on him, she should not have left him alone, this was her fault. As if that were what she needed to hear. As if this couldn’t have happened to any of us. As a result, many (thousands) more are writing her to offer her words of support and sympathy.

If you would like to send Shellie a message, you can find her on Twitter at @military_mom. You can also send her a note to this address:

Shellie Ross
c/o Trisha Haas
5359 cimaron court
theodore, al 36582

To make all of this worse, her husband is away right now (serving in the miltary). She needs all the support she can get, especially from other mothers. We are the only ones who can begin to understand how quickly something like this could happen, and the depths of pain she must feel today.

Hug your kids. Life is precious.