a look back at 2009, and forward to 2010

So, how’d you do in 2009? Did you make resolutions, and did you meet them?

My 2009 resolutions were:

-work on the muffin top, while being resigned to its probable eternal presence about my midsection

-get down on the floor and play with the kids once in a while

-stop finishing the kids’ dinners

-spend more time interacting with friends in the real world than I do on Facebook

-get Maggie to sleep through the night

-take my vitamins

-more books, less DVR’s

-do five Kegels. (not daily, just at some point in 2009)

Talk about setting the bar high.

Maggie sleeps through, I take vitamins regularly (now that I have switched to the kids’ gummy vitamins), and I have done better at playing with the kids. The muffin top, my virtual vs. real world friend interaction, and number of books read continue to be not what I would hope.

I really could make all of these resolutions over again, year after year, but I’m going to resolve something else this time:

I resolve to be happier in 2010. Not that I’m an unhappy person. My life is full of blessings and I am grateful for them daily. But I spend more time being stressed and worried and harried than I do enjoying the moment. I’d like that to change this year.

I resolve to have greater reserves of patience and calm, to be the mother my kids deserve.

I resolve to have a sense of humor, enabling me to see the unbelievably good man that is my husband, rather than the roommate who throws his dirty socks around.

How am I going to do all that? I do have a plan. Part two tomorrow.