but mothers don’t get sick!

Today, I am laid low with a stomach bug that had my younger two kids by the gag reflex last week. Each of them had a night where they threw up hourly, about nine times or so, then looked like death warmed over and refused to eat for another day or two.

Since it had been a week since it last reared its head, I figured we were done. Besides, mothers never get this stuff anyway.

Not so fast, Mommy.

I feel like hell, and am kind of amazed that S and M lived through this so well, since S is 5 and M is 2 and I am… not.  I feel bad for them all over again.  I threw up only once to their nine-ce and I am completely non-functional today. Well, almost- just because I was incredibly nauseous didn’t mean I didn’t have to get out of bed and get the boys out the door to school, then give M an hour of Special Mommy Time reading stories, because she was of course completely wigged out that I was lying there looking gray. But then my babysitter came to take M out for a while, and I had a glorious nap. Now I might go watch some Toddlers and Tiaras on the DVR. Sick days have their benefits.