Maclaren- do we owe you an apology?

Or should we just give Graco a swift kick in the rear, as well?

Today, word that Graco is recalling 1.5 million strollers due to risk of fingertip amputations or lacerations. Graco has received five reports of amputations. In November, Maclaren copped to twelve amputations, and I ripped them a new one in these very pages.
I thought Maclaren was alone in this, that there could not be ANOTHER stroller company who would make a product for children this dangerous. I received my Maclaren hinge covers, installed them, and am still using the stroller, but I’ve had a real “sheesh” attitude about it, like, “Sheesh. All they had to do in the first place was spend a nickel on these hinge covers to make their strollers safe? Too little, too late.”
Now, it seems that Gracos are mini-guillotines as well, and what is making this mama’s blood boil is that they let Maclaren take all that heat back in November, rather than doing the right thing: immediately stepping forward with their own reports of injuries and making amends. There’s no way all five of these amputation reports came in since November. Even if they did, it shouldn’t take more than one for a company to take action. Many have disagreed with me on this point, but as a mother, that’s where I stand, and I think you would too, if it were your kid.
I don’t think we boycott Graco, or Maclaren. I don’t think it works. But clearly products for our children need more oversight, since the companies are not providing it themselves. Step it up, CPSC.