city mouse

Yesterday, I elaborated on what seem to me to be the considerable advantages of country living with little ones underfoot. Today, the advantages of city living with kids. There definitely are a few:

-having no finished basement means not ever having to clean your finished basement.
-having less space for crap means you must continually and ruthlessly edit your family’s belongings.
Ergo, less crap.
-There are thirty restaurants that deliver in a three-block radius, so if you get home late, your kids can still be eating dinner in fifteen minutes.
-you can have one kid in the bath, one kid finishing dinner, and one kid starting homework, and be able to keep an eye on all three of them at once. Try that in some big house!
-not driving = not buckling and unbuckling the baby from her car seat twelve times a day.

Notice what is sixth on my list:

-your kids can be constantly enriched by exposure to all the museums and performing arts that are just a short subway ride away.

This is true. But, as anyone who lives in a city will tell you, parents don’t take advantage of this stuff enough. This is one of my resolutions for 2010– if we live in the city, let’s expose our children to what is wonderful about it. Otherwise let’s go get that finished basement.

And so last weekend I was spontaneous and took the boys to a Saturday afternoon Story Pirates show, and I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. (Oh yeah, the kids liked it too.) It was a most successful arts outing, and so I think I’m going to take them to see the Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA next.

Which is not to say that I’m not still fantasizing about my friend’s house with the playroom in the basement. But hey, a girl can’t have everything. Which do you have? Do you ever wish you were on the other side?