how the other half lives

Yesterday we all went for a drive to Connecticut to visit some friends who moved out of the city two years ago. My friend invited three of us city slicker families to come up for the afternoon, have lunch, and let the kids play. We all readily accepted the invitation, since it was about two degrees outside and our apartments’ walls were closing in on us

like The Haunted Mansion at Disney World. It boggled my mind that my friend was actually inviting eight children under the age of seven over to join the three she already has, but a most pleasant time was had by all, the kind of pleasant time that makes a mother who lives in the city dream of greener pastures.

Here are the main advantages, as I see them, to country living:

-in houses, playrooms are in basements.
-in houses, people HAVE basements! and usually, second floors as well! three separate levels over which a family can space itself out.
-in houses, people have PLAYROOMS, dedicated areas for toys, as opposed to a film of Legos and My Pretty Ponies over every square inch of living surface.
-in houses, people wear sweaters in the winter time. In our apartment, the colder it is outside, the hotter it is in here. As I write, the thermostat nearby reads 78, there is a window open in every room, and I am wearing a tank top. As soon as my kids get home from school they strip to their skivvies, it’s so hot in here. It’s like dorm living, FOREVER.
-in houses, you don’t wake up on a weekend morning thinking oh my God get me out of here we HAVE to get out of this apartment what am I going to DO with these kids today? At 6:45 a.m.

These are considerable benefits.
Tomorrow, the advantages of city living with kids. (That gives me 24 hours to think of some.)